Personal Quests

Navigating complexity

What I see when I look at my personal quest is..

..a desire to better align with a world every changing.

How might my perception of it affect my relationship to it?

In a dark forest, is that dangling shadow, a snake or a branch? Only a yogi would know.

Another quest would be to better understand in what ways can I empathize, nurture and tend to THAT which is already there but not yet fully present, akin to the sense of hope for something yet to be realized. The unseen light still can light the way.

I dream of living in deep relationship with our world, our lives and appreciating the growth of humanities flourishing inner capacities. I still wonder, what sacrifices must be made to regain our sense of wholeness? Never alone, yet so alone, collective journeys through a mind-field.

I might say, we exist in a world riddled with many a collective mirage. Mass hallucinations and other nightmarish dreams about how reality will devour us whole.

And yet, there still exist positronic societal imaginations, safe guarded from the misunderstandings and linear direct correctives en masse trying to tame complexity.

My only hope is that we do not let our destiny attempt to control the Sun. For life is paradox but not just that and nothing more.

Understanding is mired in conflict but that is just how you cross a river to a different shore.

Who are we depends on who you ask? My teachers have come from many corners from East to West and across time from Indigenous to Contemporary views mind. Yet questions still remain.

What does it mean to live?

To be alive?

What is life?

What is living?

I ask only these questions because I wonder how does one navigate the ever-changing currents of Self?

Perhaps then I could better see myself and the corresponding parts and relations with the incredible whole.

But then again, where are my boundaries, where are my edges? Is it my skin, my home country, my final place of rest, my kith, my kin, my history, my religion? Or am I somewhere in between? What if I am whole?

If there are no limits that others place on me, is my struggle with education or belief?

I believe humans can do more than just work and earn a daily bread.

What if work was a medium or a collective canvas? How might one express themselves differently? What are the colors of the mass undercurrents rolling forth in the human mind?

I am drawn to soil, that mycelial place of becoming more deeply myself. An interconnected web of relationships, co-dependent on each strand to ensure continued existence. The smallest changes often have the largest effects.

My personal quest and query is live in ways that are in the deep, beyond the expanse and to be immersed and embracive of the unknown and the unknowable.

I have been learning to sit without answers for the questions are always changing.

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